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Posted on Tue November 3, 2020.



Date: 03 November 2020

Release: immediately 

SafeTravels.CapeTown website launched to assist tourists visiting Cape Town and the Western Cape 

Today (03 November 2020), we launched the Safe Travels website, which was developed by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism together with our destination marketing and promotion agency, Wesgro, to help  domestic and international tourists to  navigate the restrictions on travel and be informed about the important health and safety protocols they need to follow when visiting Cape Town and the Western Cape.
The Safe Travels website also aims to inspire confidence in Cape Town and the Western Cape as a destination, and give peace of mind to those travelling for business or leisure.


You can visit this website at 


As a result of national government’s risk-based approach to international travel and the ‘red list’ of countries restricted to travel to South Africa, there is still much confusion and uncertainty in the travel and tourism industry, especially as the ‘red list’ is not being reviewed consistently every two weeks as promised. (The last update was on the 19 October 2020.)


And so, to guide tourists and ensure their visit to Cape Town and the Western Cape is as hassle-free as possible, our Safe Travels website provides the latest information on travel restrictions and the ‘red list’, as well as visa requirements and the latest Covid-19 health and safety information. 

The content for the Safe Travels website was largely developed using social listening tools which provided real-time insights into what potential travelers to South Africa and the Western Cape are concerned about so that we could develop the right content to help address these concerns.  

To assist tourists in distress, the Tourism Safety Support Unit at the Department of Economic Development and Tourism are also available to answer queries via email.  

Travellers looking to visit the Western Cape, and who require assistance can send their questions to [email protected]. za 

On the launch of the Safe Travels website Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris, said: “Featuring safety news, FAQ’s and safety initiatives implemented in the province,  SafeTravels.CapeTown has been established as the ‘go to’ page for all visitors coming to enjoy the world-class tourism experience on offer in the province. We invite visitors to peruse the site and put their minds at ease knowing that Cape Town and the Western Cape is travel ready.”

Welcoming the launch of the website, Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities, David Maynier, said, “By providing this one-stop-shop for travellers, we hope to convince tourists who are deciding where to book their next holiday, that they can confidently choose to visit Cape Town and the Western Cape because we are travel ready. 

“The Safe Travels website is an example of the many ways that we have worked hard since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to support businesses, especially tourism businesses in the Western Cape.”  

Minister David Maynier also added: “International markets are a key economic driver for the tourism sector in the Western Cape, especially during the summer season, and will be critical to the survival of the sector. Which is why we have maintained from the start that national government must scrap the ‘red list’ and allow all visitors entry into South Africa subject to presenting a negative PCR test conducted at least 72 hours prior to departure, together with screening protocols.  


“There is simply no greater risk for transmission of the Covid-19 virus based on the purpose of travel, yet the negative impact of continuing to limit the entry of leisure travellers to South Africa, especially from our key source markets, is severe and extreme. Cape Town and the Western Cape are open and we are travel ready! Our proposed alternative approach to international travel will ensure we can re-open the economy safely to prevent further job losses in the Western Cape and South Africa during the Covid-19 pandemic.”   

Notes for media: 
To read the statement online, watch the videos and download a soundbyte from Minister Maynier visit: za/news/safetravelscapetown- website-launched-assist- tourists-visiting-wc

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