Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
This privacy policy discloses the privacy practices for Devonport  House Bed and Breakfast and its website. This privacy policy applies to personally identifiable information (PII) collected while staying as a guest and when using this website. It will inform you of the following:

What PII is collected
How PII is used
How we market
With whom PII may be shared
How PII is secured
How long is PII stored
How you can request changes or removal of PII

What PII is Collected

We collect PII that you voluntarily give us through this website, email or other direct contact. This typically includes: Guest Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Dietary Restrictions, Payment Data and any other Reservation Notes you provide us.
When you book through a third-party, the information you provide the third-party is shared with us so that the reservation can be made in our system.
We make use of website analytic tools that collect data related to your activity while on our website. This data is anonymized to protect your privacy.

How PII is Used

PII is strictly used for reservation purposes.
Data collected by the website analytics tools are strictly used to help us make business decisions regarding our website and generalized marketing strategy.

How We Market

We make use of generalized marketing techniques that do not target a specific individual.
We recommend that you follow us on Instagram if you want to know what is going on at Devonport House Guest House 

With Whom PII may be Shared

We do not sell or rent PII to anyone. As our reservation system, nightsbridge , is operated and maintained  (view their privacy policy), they have access to our data and backups.
Upon valid request by law enforcement or governmental agencies, we will share as minimal PII required to fulfill their request.

How PII is Secured

Our website uses SSL technology (https) to encrypt transferred data. Access to credit card information is given only to those employees requiring it to collect payment.
All other PII is stored in a secure fashion and accessible to only those employees requiring the information to do their job.
Impactiv, Inc. servers are secured and the personal data protected within their technology environment. Innkeeper’s Advantage is a PCI and PPI certified provider.

How Long is PII Stored

Credit card information is automatically removed a couple of days after your checkout date.
All other PII is stored indefinitely. This allows us to reduce the time for future reservations.
Video collected on the property is removed based on the system's data storage capacity.

How you can request changes or removal of PII

You mail email us at [email protected] to request changes or removal of PII.
It may not be possible to change or remove some or all PII as we must be able to fulfill legal requirements for tax purposes.
Requests for changes or removal of PII would be done in the current system and not on any backup devices. Backup devices are set to retain data for a reasonable period of time before being deleted. Backup devices are only used to restore data in the case of a critical data lose at which point your PII may once again appear in our system. We will make a reasonable effort to change or modify your PII from restored data. 

If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately by telephone at +27 836564449